White Glove Lease Concierge

Annual Anniversary Lease Check-up call Q’s:

Q.1 Vehicle satisfaction of current lease vehicle

Q.2 Mileage status based on lease obligation

Q.3 Anything we can do for you? (Schedule Service, Handle Any Open Issues, etc.)


5 Months Left on Lease:

  • Address orphan lease issue (Salesperson no longer at dealership)
  • Experience/test drive of an equivalent model in the current year design
  • Opportunity to evaluate Customer Current Lease Vehicle
  • Look for pull-ahead opportunity if available
  • Advise on any issues: body damage, excess mileage (Look for potential service opportunities)


1 Month Left on Lease:

  • Make the customer feel comfortable with lease return process
  • Discuss next vehicle intentions (Make special Dealership offer “Let us make your last payment if…”)


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